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Carole Szerman"After a two year HND course in counselling and addiction, I followed this with a three year training program at the Centre for Psychological Astrology. I attended a two year meditation and self awareness course at the SAGB Belgrave square. I wrote a horoscope column, I discontinued because the way the group wanted me to write the column did not correspond with my CPA style of training. I was involved with several centres teaching introduction courses in Psychological Astrology.

Although the base of my study is in Psychological Astrology, I started to take a great interest in the Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke; this interest was because I found it profoundly helpful, and psychologically healing. I still feel that way today. I am grateful to Juliet Sharman Burke and Liz Greene for giving me permission to use the Mythic Tarot cards. I immersed myself in the study of a psychological approach to Tarot. After my experiences in doing an enormous amount of Tarot consultations I felt there was a definite need for a course in an archetypal approach to Tarot. I started the Mythic Tarot course in 1996, which has evolved over the years. I feel now more than ever with the growth of instant fix it psychic and Tarot lines, that a more holistic psychological approach would help to put clients in touch with the real issues that may be affecting their lives.

There has been a great deal of academic research into the background and history of Tarot over the last thirty years. Books by professor Michael Dummet Ronald Decker Dr Robert Wang, Jungian Sally Nichols, Dr Art Rosengarten, Cynthia Giles, Robert O Neill, Dr Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke, to name but a few (see book list). Their impeccable research has opened the way to demystifying the Tarot.

If you are trying to enable a person to gain insight into their life, there is no point in suggesting you are picking up information that is personal to the client from some remote place unidentifiable to the client , and that your client is not privy to that information, it immediately puts the person in a double disadvantaged position. I think if you will excuse the pun we need to put our cards on the table, and least try and explain the processes involved in a consultation. Like the current financial market we need more transparency, certainly that is what is on offer when using a psychological approach to Tarot.

Krisnamurti, said, “the age of the guru is dead”; even if you see someone walking on water, check they don’t go home and kick the cat.

For some time I was working for different companies and it was very difficult to tell your client (some of the companies were listening in, other companies encouraged complaints) look, save your money, go to classes and learn the basics of Tarot or Psychological Astrology, we are just going on a superficial round about here, if you do not try to change your inner life and/or your outer life, you are basically asking for a miracle - and I am not in charge of them. If “predictions” are what you are after, the theme of the person’s life is more or less going to remain in the same mould, which is predictable, if the person is not prepared to try and raise the bar.

We all have an archetypal heritage, so we are all capable of learning to read our own archetypes. There is no requirement of special powers or gifts needed; the Tarot is not the especial property of the esoteric initiate - (LG). If we consider that the cards and their stories depict archetypes and archetypal situations; they are our psychological heritage, it is suggested we learn what the psyche has inherited. The stories I was listening to in my consultations, although they varied in detail and colour. I was hearing the same pattern or archetypal story behind the client’s personal details; it became very repetitive at that level. We were just dealing with the objective level of their problem, the external situation; there was very little opportunity to examine the problems they were experiencing on a subjective level i.e. tying to gain insight into what had led the person into that situation, so that they could make changes. I felt as though I was on a fast food production line.

Over 90% of the calls were relationship problems, or from a psychological view point problems with projections. The impression was that we could predict the dream partner, the dream job, and the dream amount of money. A common theme was that someone would phone about a relationship; they would want to know what their partner was up to (the disappearing Eros), and then they would say "if I say this to him or her, can you pull a card to see what their reaction would be?". This would go on and on. It does not need too much of an explanation for you to imagine the ins and outs of the ensuing dynamics of the consultation. The person receiving the consultation did not realize you had heard the basic pattern of their stories thirty times that week.

I became disenchanted, some people I spoke to had twenty consultations in as many weeks, there were others that it was obvious they could not afford the high rate calls, (quite common). I would suggest they go to a spiritualist meeting and get a free reading. Many of the clients were crying.

There is a skill and art involved in doing Tarot consultations but the only requirement is a desire to learn. Some readers have worked hard to develop their talents. Most people seeking readings are just as tuned in as those who are giving the consultation; we are only mirroring back something that the client already knows deep inside. We have gained the confidence to mirror for you, because we have studied the language of symbols, via symbolic systems such as Tarot and Psychological Astrology. Developing intuitive skills is a natural product of those studies. You do not have to be a member of some elite psychically gifted group. It is not for certain people under special circumstances.

Unlike my more strictly psychologically based peer group, I did incorporate a mediumship development course. I was brought up in a non religious household, but my mother was very involved in spiritualism and mediumship, I never heard her referring to her visual experiences and attunements as the “powers” or the “gifts”. She was a very pragmatic person, and was aware of the limitations involved.

Mediumship and spiritualism can be very helpful. I know of many cases where people have been in desperate states and have benefited remarkably from a visit to a medium. If someone is about to jump off a cliff and a medium tells you “I can’t see you jumping off the cliff!” Problem solved! Monitored establishments such as the SAGB and London College of Psychic Studies and other and other such organizations that come under a governing body have a great deal to offer.

One day I overheard my mother talking about someone called Alice. I said, “Who is Alice”? She said “you are Alice in Wonderland”, it was prophetic as I went on to have 22,000 dreams at the last count. But Alice like Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall.

It was the SAGB, and in particular the work of Jungian and Psychological Astrologer Liz Greene, who in turn introduced me to the work of Jung, that enabled me to set out on a new journey. This journey has been very much enriched by the Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman Burke. "



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