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The Mythic Triumphs Centre

The Mythic Triumphs Centre led by Carole Szerman. The Mythic Tarot Course was created in 1997. Offering a professional training course in a Psychological approach to Tarot. Carole Szerman considered the lack of available tuition about the Mythic Tarot meant that Tarot students were being excluded from the enormous benefits that Liz Greene's and Juliet Sharman-Burke's psychological approach to Tarot had to offer, and therefore created the Mythic Tarot Course to make up for this omission.

Carole Szerman

Carole SzermanCarole Szerman, Dip. HND in Counselling & Addiction. Two years awareness/ development group SAGB.

Carole Szerman was awarded a Certificate of Completion for completing the three-year professional training course at Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology. The course included Mythic Tarot tuition with Juliet Sharman-Burke.

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Dr Liz Greene CPA

Dr Liz Greene CPA (Jungian analyst and psychological astrologer) is co-founder of the world famous Centre for Psychological Astrology. Liz Greene, the world's most well known and respected psychological astrologer, has written numerous bestselling books on psychological astrology. Her most famous books being Saturn, Relating, Fate & Pluto and Neptune. The centre’s psychological astrology courses are available in England, Zurich and USA.

Juliet Sharman-Burke

Juliet Sharman-Burke is an analytical therapist, and has published numerous books on psychological astrology and mythology. Her many exceptional books on Tarot are considered to be at the forefront of a psychological approach to Tarot. Juliet’s simplistic approach to complex concepts and symbolism has expanded her appeal to a worldwide audience and keeps Juliet’s books at the top of the best selling Tarot books.



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