What students say about our courses!

“The course opened my eyes to realities of people like me seeking readings; I learned that there were many thousands of women like me looking for answers to relationship problems. I was perhaps a little naive to believe that someone could solve my emotional complexities at the turn of a card. The course is very relationship oriented. This was proved to me in the very structure of the course which put me at the centre, if I can develop an awareness of my true self, then I have an authentic self, with which I can relate to others.

Belle, theatre critic


“I have been always interested in tarot and had been to a few readings. It all looked very complicated when they were being read, and never thought I would be able to do it myself. I found Mythic Triumphs website on the Net and drawn to the fact that the tarot they use and teach which is based on Greek mythology – something which has always interested me. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been giving readings myself now – it has opened my horizons. And now I am working in budgeting and forecasting at my company – the perfect job for a part-time tarot reader!”

Jonathan Boyce, Accountant


"I had the Mythic Tarot for ten years. I had read several books that offered a psychological approach to tarot. It was hard to find a course that offered self awareness and psychological insight using the symbolic system of tarot.

What I had considered complex concepts, were taught in such a way that made them more easily understood. I had grappled alone for ten years with my cards and books.
The course helped me to understand the psychological interpretation of the myths; this is what had been missing for me, the in-depth psychological understanding of the cards.

The course has helped me work more deeply with my own issues. I gained a more thorough understanding of the history and background of the cards; also we were given an insight into the difference, and uses of the many decks on the market.

I am considering completing all the study levels, and going onto teach the mythic tarot.

Ruth, Senior Social Worker


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Mythic tarot beginner’s course.
Your energy and passion has brought the tarot alive for me in a way no book ever could.

Through this weekend experience I have been able to connect with the tarot and see what a wonderful tool it is to discover the deeper meaning in my life and also in everyday issues.

You have inspired me to continue my journey with the mythic tarot.

Thank you for a truly amazing time."

Jaishree Manani, Recruitment Consultant


"Taking this course was like opening Pandora's Box for me!

I had been looking for a course to do for about a year. I finally plucked up the courage to send an email and was enrolled on the private course by the end of the day. It's hard to believe how much ground is covered in two days. I am so much more confident with readings now and I feel I can go into a much deeper level of psychology with my new Mythic deck. I now want to study further and know everything right away; I want to look further into psychological astrology and developing more trust on an intuitive level."

Arabella, Singer-Actress


"I was pleasantly surprised to find how much the additional integration of depth psychology, has enriched, tarot symbolism and how useful it is now, for counselling. As a therapist I was looking for something that would enable me to access more the imaginal level when working with my clients. The Mythic Tarot in fact covers the length and breadth of one’s psyche; it gives insight into our emotional, mental, spiritual, and professional life.

It covers parental issues, which helped me, as I am still working through the relationship I had with my parents, and its ongoing effect.

As a therapist I considered I had a fair amount of insight into myself.

Ways to work with the shadow presented on the course, made me realize that a lot of my insights did not go deep, to the core patterns in my makeup.

Rather than experiencing shadowy, fear, guilt, anger shame etc, this part of me needed to be looked at through the lens of the beautiful ancient’s myths, that embraced all aspects of human nature, and to indentify the shadow as a normal part of my personality, that needed to be looked, negotiated with, and accepted.
I booked onto the course with the aim of broadening my work with my clients. I did not expect the added bonus of going on a transformational inner journey.

Julia, Therapist


"I found the Beginners' course packed with information and worth every penny. Carole Szerman really knows her stuff! I loved the integration of psychological insight with spiritual connection. When the weekend was over, I left feeling courageous, happy and at one with the world."

Carolyn Howlett, opera singer and arts administrator


"I had always loved psychological astrologer Liz Greene’s books. I was happy to work with the Mythic Tarot co authored by Liz."



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