Tarot home study course on CD ROM

Beginners Mythic Triumphs - CD

Two Days' Recording of the Beginners Course.

Mythic Triumphs Beginners CourseThe Mythic Tarot course has been running in London for the past fourteen years Travelling to London to attend the course for some is not an easy option. Not all students are comfortable in a group environment and would prefer to study in private at their own pace.

There have been many requests over the years for a distance learning program. We decided it was a good time to put the beginner’s course on CD, with a supporting booklet. A certificate is available for the distance learning Beginners course level one (see certification assessment enclosed with your booklet). The Assessment can be done by telephone.

The unfolding order of the CD is listed below. The subject matter of the booklet is referred to throughout the Beginners Mythic Triumphs - CD. To get the most out of the CD, you need to prepare yourself by reading the booklet .

CD Course Format.

  • The Greeks and Their Oracles
  • History of Tarot Introduction to the Mythic
  • Tarot Archetypal and Psychological Approach to Tarot
  • A Journey Through the 22 Major Arcana (please have your cards in sequence)
  • A Journey through the Four Suits, Cups, Air, Fire, Earth, (separate out each suit).

In the final section we will do some sample readings using the four key layouts featured on the course, (see at the end of the booklet).

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