Tarot courses using The Mythic Tarot

Main aims

The Centre offers Mythic Tarot tuition at three levels - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced - and Assessement. On completion of the assessments at the three levels, the student will receive the Centre's Certificate of Completion.

The Tarot Seminars are designed to teach the student how to approach and work with the many levels of Tarot symbolism. At advanced level, the student will have acquired a full knowledge of each card, as well as a workable understanding of the subtleties required to become a competent Tarot reader.

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Topics covered in the Mythic Triumphs Courses

  • Introduction to the History and origins of Tarot.
  • The Greeks gods in today’s world
  • Healing and incubation in ancient times
  • The Italian Renaissance & the birth of the Tarot
  • Jung Archetypal Psychology (Gods) and the Mythic Tarot
  • Counselling & Healing/ A tool which supports spiritual growth grounded in psychological healing.
  • Symbolism/ reflecting a message, via a conduit, i.e. Mythic Tarot, psych astrology, dreams, meditation
  • Self Awareness/Self Exploration/A tool to help shadow projections both dark/light
  • Meditation &Visualization/Jung- the imagination the organ of the unconscious.
  • Analysis / a tool that helps heal and reorganize complexes, through exploring shadow issues at their archetypal core
  • Colour Vibration/exploring colour and its corresponding archetypal imagery.
  • Layouts, mapping the energy
  • Case Supervision/ Group discussion of layouts and spreads

In the Mythic Tarot we have the integration of Jungian psychology with the traditional Tarot. The Major Arcana contain the main archetypal themes encountered in the Jungian analytic journey of self discovery. Greek myths are psychological profiles of human characteristics.

Practical exercises

  • How to link into the reading
  • How to become aware of the difference between sensing, feeling and intuition
  • How to see the card patterns at a glance
  • How to link different cards together to build up a story

What to Expect

A 15-page booklet is given to each student attending the beginners Mythic Tarot course. This includes information about the requirements for the assessments .

The Beginners Course entails two days of theory and practical application, designed to teach each student how to approach and work with the many levels of Tarot symbolism.

The Intermediate Course covers the history of Tarot/Mythic Tarot, and involves a more in-depth analysis of how the Greek myths and Jungian psychology can be used as a therapeutic tool in Tarot interpretation.


Hear what students have to say about our courses! > Testimonials

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