Psychological Astrology

Psychological astrology is the integration of archetypal psychology with traditional astrology. It requires us to actively engage with our horoscope, to create a dialogue with our inner nature, we are required to cooperate with the heroic task of confronting and integrating our shadow side.

  • The Jungian archetypes, and the rich stories of Greek myth are used to amplify the traditional meaning of the planets and signs.
  • The horoscope shows our parental influences, relationships with our siblings, and early environment, these influences overlay our innate disposition.
  • The horoscope is a map of our inner landscapes made up of the planets/archetypes. Our inner substance is projected out into the world. The journey of individuation (Jungian) concerns taking back our projections (our substance) and working on the warring opposites and conflicts created by our projections. The study of our horoscope, enables us to pinpoint the problem areas via the configuration of the archetypal complexes (planets).

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"Perhaps the age of Aquarius we will recognise the presence of the divine within us rather than projecting outwards onto some superhuman gods and goddesses. Human beings will have to acknowledge themselves as the source of both good and evil, and of all the other possibilities on earth. Change depends on individual free will, and the development of the individual capacity to make independent choices, the new age will therefore come about not as a result of a preordained pattern, but as a result of the ability of humanity to realise its full potential."

Dr Nick Campion Astrologer.


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