The Mythic Tarot Book

In The Mythic Tarot book, we are introduced to the ancient Greek myths. We see how naturally the cards marry, and are expressed through the psychologically rich Greek myths. At the time of the Italian Renaissance, there was a rebirth of the Greek gods. The gods re-emerge with Jung – who called the gods the archetypes.

In the book we are first given a description of the card, followed by an outline of a mythic story and/or the description of a god. The mythic storyline helps us to hang the divinatory meaning of each card. We are then given a psychological interpretation of the myth.

The mythic stories, add a transpersonal dimension to the card interpretation, which shows us that we are all connected on a collective level, as we can all indentify on varying levels with the symbolic stories. The psychological interpretations of the myth allows us to get inside the meaning of the myth and extract a psychological meaning more personal to us.

In keeping with the Greek theme and Jung's theories, the Mythic Tarot's in-depth psychological approach offers us an interesting to bring our unconscious life into conscious awareness. Tarot consultations/divination can often seem less threatening than therapy, where defences against the therapeutic process can emerge.

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