Greek Mythology / Oracles

Divination was an integral part of Greek religion.

In antiquity divination was esteemed as an official institution. It was obligatory for politicians and military leaders to consult the oracle. Oracles and divination were an active part of Greek religion for approximately a thousand years

The Greeks took for granted the reality of the inner world, the invisible world that we now call the unconscious. It was this world they believed to be the abode of the gods, and the oracles were messages from that world. To keep on the side of the gods, it was advisable to know what the gods wanted.

Edward Edinger writes, “The Greek myths are sacred scripture. Certainly the Greek myths and what was built on them - the science and the philosophy and literature- form some of the basic roots of the western unconscious".

Building on Jung’s assertion that mythology is an expression of the deepest layers of mind and soul.

We find in the myths of the Greeks a fundamental insight into human nature, that modern depth psychology has had to rediscover.

It was Jung that first used the word archetype when referring to the psychological patterns of the Greek gods.

Jung said that ”the heroes and gods of the Greek pantheon were actually symbols par excellence for the archetypes”.

Where the ancient Greeks went to the sacred temples to receive the oracles from the gods, today we go to the same pantheon of gods (which have been psychologised, by modern depth psychology) to receive the oracular messages conveyed in the images and language of the great archetypal symbolic systems such as Tarot and Astrology.

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