The Mythic Tarot - a Practical Tool

The Mythic Archetypal stories mirror the psychological patterns of both our conscious and unconscious life..

  • A tool which supports spiritual growth grounded in psychological healing.
  • A series of images that simultaneously reflect both our conscious and unconscious life, enabling us to create a dialogue / relationship with the processes which are determining our fate.
  • A tool to reveal what motivates our psychological drives and ambitions.
  • A tool for tracking the dysfunctional unconscious psychological patterns that block our progress.
  • A tool to identify shadow projections, both dark and light.
  • It is a symbolic system that can help to repair and reorganize complexes, through exploring shadow issues at their archetypal core.
  • A tool for working with guided imagery.
  • The images in the cards reflect back the archetypal life situations we meet in life.
  • A mythic /archetypal /symbolic system that can be related to Jungian psychology.
  • A symbolic system analogous to the analytic journey of individuation.
  • A tool for raising conscious, by gaining knowledge of our dysfunctional unconscious patterns, releasing the energy caught in the complex, thus releasing the fate caught in the negative energy.

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