The Transformation of Tarot

In 1927, Paul Foster Case put Tarot and in-depth psychology together in his book The Tarot. He also defined further, Kabbalistic links. The following year, Manly Palmer Hall published Secret Teachings of All Ages and in 1934, Israel Regardie (a pupil of Aleister Crowley) published four volumes of papers on The Golden Dawn in America. A teacher known as Zain wrote 22 volumes on Occult Instructions, claiming he was being instructed by discarnate masters. In 1936 a Tarot deck appeared, with Zain emphasizing the links between the occult systems of astrology and numerology with Tarot. Zain went on to found the Church of Light Brotherhood. Aleister Crowley (a member of The Golden Dawn) did not publish his Thoth deck and The Book of Thoth until 1947. The Waite and Thoth deck are the most known decks.

The cards went into obscurity until 1971 when, an American, Eden Gray published Mastering Tarot. This book was about fortune telling with the cards and the simple, straightforward approach rekindled an interest in Tarot. In the 1970s, there came a new psycho-spiritual approach from Tarot experts Richard Gardener, Richard Roberts, Joseph D' Agostino, Alfred Douglas, Paul Husan, and Richard Cavendish. In 1978, we have Stuart Kaplan's Encyclopaedia of Tarot Volume One, (followed by Volume Two).

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