The Italian Renaissance and the Birth of Tarot

The Italian Renaissance was a magical time of change. Around the mid fourteenth century many ancient Greek manuscripts found their way into northern Italy (mainly Florence). Art was alive with images of the Greek gods. The philosopher’s of the Italian Renaissance believed the Greek gods to be great laws at work in life. Astrology was used as an aid in medical diagnosis. Talismanic magic was practiced, which embraces the idea that there exists, laws of attraction, people would carry around lucky charms with images of the gods and other associated planetary symbolism in the belief that the appropriate charm would attract in what they desired.

We see at this time the birth of humanism (the ego), the Renaissance philosophers believed, that man was a great miracle, and that knowledge of self was knowledge of God”, in order to get to this knowledge we needed to make contact with our inner life. It is in this environment that we see the birth of Tarot.

History of The Tarot Cards

> The Pre-Occult Period

> Esoteric Tarot

> Waite Symbolism

> Tarot's Transformation

> The American Influence

> A Modern Tarot Renaissance


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