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Consultations Mythic Tarot Reading, a Psychological, Clairvoyant Psychic, Approach A psychological-clairvoyant approach to readings offers a broader based reading than just psychic insight. Combining the two allows for a more grounded realistic reading.
Our approach is to give the person enough insight to offer wider life choices.
Many people become dependant on readings they expect the spirit world/reader to give “all the answers”; they won’t. You are meant to use free will, with insight you can make wiser choices that will facilitate the transformation of outdated patterns that are popping up all the time like trip wires.

Relationships? our readings and courses focus strongly on relationships. An Understanding of the energy patterns that are driving the relationship gives an insight into the fate mixed up in the relationship, and the contribution you can make towards the destiny of the relationship. The oracles given in ancient times at the god Apollo temple at Delphi, were given in the form of a riddle, a bit like a dream, it was up to the person to go away and work the meaning of the message from the god. The gods needed the human in-put. Above the door of the Apollo’s temple were the words, “Know Thyself” and, “ do nothing in excess’. Self knowledge through an understanding of our limitations. There are rainbows, angels, and dreams really do come true, they are all there for you too.

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Carole Szerman, first stop was spiritualism and mediumship development.
Carole completed a three year training program at Liz Greene’s Centre for Psychological Astrology.
Carole has been teaching The Mythic Tarot for 14 years
Carole Szerman HND Counselling& Addiction
BA Classical Studies
Today- Carole has come full circle: Carole is currently teaches a mediumship/psychic development group. Come and join us!


Rubin has embarked on a very intensive study of Tarot since the 1990s
applying his sharp analytical mind to his studies.

Along the way to his surprise he discovered he was not only very psychic but
also a natural clairvoyant.

He was awarded the certificate of excellence at the Mythic Tarot Centre.

If you are a dissatisfied with vague readings then Jason is the reader for you. You will geta lot of precise detail, combined with clairvoyant psychological insight.

Rubin words:
‘The Mythic Tarot has entered my life after trying to carve my way in the world using my logical brain, I needed to get in touch with my inner guide and looked to more esoteric study to find my way in life’.

BA Music, BA Humanities, M..Ed, ATCL

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