One Day Workshops

Because you can see yourself and others in the cards, the Tarot is a great tool for looking at your relationships objectively.

One Day workshop with the Mythic Tarot.

Theme of the day: Relationships

There will be a short discussion about the psychological energies of the different Tarot decks on the market today.

The Mythic Tarot allows us to explore our relationships in a more in-depth way.

The whole deck will be looked at through the lens of our relationships.

In particular we will explore the archetypal love story of Eros and Psyche, a story concerned with feminine development, and look at how we can develop psychological muscle to stay grounded when confronted with the archetypal force of Eros.

Bringing to consciousness what is going on in our inner lives can help us see the way we externalize (project) our inner life onto people we are in relationships with.

Looking at relationships in this light we take responsibility for our relationships, with the understanding, that who enters our life has something to do with what we are made up of.

We will be working with a variety relationship spreads.

An Introduction to Psychological Astrology

Theme of the day: Relationships

Psychological astrology is based on the premise that a person’s reality springs outward from his or her inner landscape of thoughts, feeling expectations and beliefs (Howard Saportas Twelve Houses).

Your horoscope is a map of your potential. We will look at the myths connected to the planets and signs. A basic understanding of your horoscope enables you to key into and understand your innate patterns and characteristics-what motivates you.

Afternoon session

There will be an examination of the Synastry Chart, the linking of two charts, the potential chemistry between two people, or lack of it.

There will be a brief introduction to the Composite Chart the Composite chart is like a third entity.

The uniting of the two people gives birth to a third, this third is shown in the Composite Chart, which produces an energy field that affects both people. The Composite Chart shows, that if you choose to enter this relationship, here is its meaning and pattern of destiny (Liz Greene).

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