Mythic Tarot Coaching

  • Acquiring an understanding of your own inner life, and motivations
  • Discerning the problem areas that need to be changed
  • Rooting out the problem areas that are blocking you from making desired changes
  • Identifying your values/and needs
  • Broadening your choices and opportunities in all areas of your life

Mythic Tarot Coaching

This approach is for those that wish to move beyond traditional tarot readings. You will work in conjunction with the tarot coach.

Mythic Tarot Coaching is more suited to those seeking an inner growth process, that will have an empowering, successful effect on their outer life.

Mythic Tarot Coaching is a process to help identity an area in your life where you are not moving forward as fast as you would like, where you feel something is continuously blocking your progress.

You will state the areas of life that you seek change:

  • Relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Career/ambitions
  • Finance
  • Spirituality

The advantage you have with the Mythic Tarot cards is that it can illuminate the blockages from the multi levelled vantage point, that the Mythic Tarot offer. Whatever, or who ever originally created the inhibition or block you are having a problem with. We aim to work with the root issues of the block.

Life, like a reading is not fixed we can change the habit or pattern. The Mythic Tarot is able to work on, and help to release deeply entrenched patterns that are not serving you positively in your life now. The Mythic Tarot can pinpoint problematic areas. The cards can highlight both our conscious and unconscious characteristics and motives. This holistic approach allows for a more discerning approach to the areas that need change.

We will engage you in the possibility of alternative decision making, and the possible outcome of those decisions.

We will provide a detailed questionnaire, to establish where you’re at, and the changes you would like to make.

There are clearing exercises that can help to the process such as meditation, and journaling. We favour journaling as it tends to free up the intuitive creative side of the psyche from the conscious control of the ego. We can access a deeper level. What you have to clear is made more transparent. The vision of your goals becomes clearer, and therefore more attainable.

People who would not benefit from this more interactive use of tarot are, if you are going through a period in your life, where you feel you need a more passive or nurturing approach for whatever reason, which has as much validity as the active coaching approach, you just might need the oceanic embrace at this time in your life, which can be a goal in itself.

Our role is to facilitate a process in you, whatever that may be at this time.

Benefits of Mythic Tarot Coaching

  • Take responsibility for making changes in your life
  • To understanding that you are creating your life
  • To identify why and where you need to make changes
  • What are your values and needs?
  • Personal development and empowerment through taking responsibility

Mythic Tarot Coaching challenges your life. With insight and guidance this is possible. Go for the things you value, don’t just accept your fate, that has been dished out to you. Understand the unconscious patterns that are directing your fate, change the energy patterns you change your life. You are taking responsibility for your life now.

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