Mythic Tarot Course Testimonials

A Few Words from our Students

"Thank you so much for a great course. I learnt so much and you are a wonderful teacher.  I would very much like to do the relationship workshop and the intermediate course"
(Keren, Economist)
"Just wanted to say thank you again for the weekend course.  I really enjoyed it and will be scouring Amazon for a collection of books on Jung & Greek mythology!"
"Thanks again for such an enlightening and inspirational course. We all travelled home together after leaving on Sunday and everyone was in total agreement that it had been a really fantastic experience - so thank you"
(Emma, Online Media Co-ordinator)
"Thanks for the exceptional beginners tarot course this last weekend.  I believe as you say that the approach based on using mythic archetypes is potent and revolutionary. Thanks again!"
(Lisa, Banker)
" Hi Carole! How fantastic your course was! It's still resonating with me. I wish I could remember and take in everything- it was so rich and engaging, definitely inspiring. It was also good to see such a good group of people there. The Mythic Triumphs course was an extremely profound course for me. Delivered with concision and clarity, I gained a solid, well-informed and practical grasp of the tarot and came away well equipped with the tools to work with this system as well as a clear direction with which to support my own individual inquiry. I came away hungry for more training with further courses with the Mythic Triumphs. The beginners course alone, as well as continuing with the courses in relationships and astrology, gave me a strong platform to spring from, fully supported by a clear suggestion of readings to enhance not only a credible training in tarot, but a long awaited ability to look into my own psychological inquiry, surpassing any other format I have experienced."
(Jinji Professional Dancer)
"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Beginners Mythic Triumphs course. it more than surprised my expectations, and has opened up a whole new horizon of thought and opportunities for me. Your mindful way of connecting with us and teaching us, has unleashed creative potentials, certainly in my life. more than that it has been empowering, I am better able to view life with less self doubt and connect more with the things that can positively move me forward. I would like to take more courses with you. thank you for the dimension you added to my life."
(Jason, Teacher management)
"Thank you so much for the course - I came away with a few "gems" and I feel that it has been a very important stepping stone for me on my journey as a beginner. The first session going through the Cups spoke to me very deeply about my own personal journey and it was very empowering for me to realize that this is the Love Journey and not just my own personal struggle. .  Although it has often been a very painful, confusing journey over a few years I am now able to realize that it was not due to me not being able to "get my act together" and "screwing up yet again" but it is actually a journey of the Gods"
"Just wanted to say thanks for a very interesting couple of days. It certainly opened my eyes to the complexity of the Mythic Tarot but demonstrated how it is so rooted in reality. "
(Jayne, Director of Human Resources)
'The beginner's tarot course has been a fascinating and enriching experience. Held in a relaxing and informal environment, the meanings of each card are explained in-depth and the cards relate to each other, telling a story - the story of life itself.  I recognised the similarity to certain phases which appear in my own life and the lives of people I know. The cards offer guidance as well as astonishing insights.. I got so much out of this course and I look forward to taking the intermediate tarot course.'
“I have been always interested in Tarot and had been to a few readings.  It all looked very complicated when they were being read, and I never thought I would be able to do it myself.  I found the Mythic Triumphs website online and was drawn to the fact that the Tarot they use and teach which is based on Greek mythology – something which has always interested me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have been giving readings myself now – it has opened my horizons.  And now I am working in budgeting and forecasting at my company – the perfect job for a part-time tarot reader!"
(Jonathan Boyce, Accountant)
"I had the Mythic Tarot for ten years. I had read several books that offered a psychological approach to Tarot. It was hard to find a course that offered this - and it is essentially the premise of the Mythic Tarot. I had grappled alone for ten years with my cards and books. What I had considered complex concepts, were taught in such a way that made them more easily understood. The course helped me to understand the psychological interpretation of the myths; this is what had been missing from my understanding of the Mythic Tarot. A modern day Jungian archetypal interpretation of an ancient symbolic system that offers a model to interpret modern day problems. The Greek mind set lives on, but today we are able to offer a more favourable interpretation towards the feminine and balance out the patriarchal view of Zeus and his crew.
"The course has helped me work more deeply with my own issues. It was explained how the ancient and modern world connected through the medium of Tarot. As well as all the fascinating stories of the Greek myths and their psychological relevance in today’s world, the course introduces us to the history and background of the cards from their birth in the Italian Renaissance, through to the French influence and their most recent journey through England onto USA and back to England again with the birth of the Mythic Tarot. I am considering completing all the study levels, and going on to teach the mythic tarot."
(Anna Abromovich, Media Events Planner)
“The course opened my eyes to realities of people like me seeking readings; I learned that there were many thousands of women like me looking for answers to relationship problems. I was perhaps a little naive to believe that someone could solve my emotional complexities at the turn of a card.
The course is very relationship oriented. This was proved to me in the very structure of the course which put me at the centre, if I can develop an awareness of my true self, then I have an authentic self, with which I can relate to others."
(Belle, theatre critic)
'I found the Beginners course packed with information.  I loved the integration of psychological insight with spiritual connection.  When the weekend was over, I left feeling courageous, happy and at one with the world.'  
(Carolyn Howlett, opera singer and arts administrator)

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