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The Mythic Triumphs Centre in London provides tarot workshops and tarot courses that blend ancient Greek mythology with transpersonal psychology and tarot  to help people explore their relationships, discover who they are and learn how to build better and more fulfilling relationships.

Courses include the history and origin of the tarot, symbolism, astrology, Jungian psychology, counselling and healing, and analysis and exploration of the Shadow.

Using ‘The Mythic Tarot’ by Liz Greene and Juliet Sharman-Burke, Carole Szerman helps students understand and use the powerful personal development and relationships tools lying within the tarot images and archetypes.

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The Mythic Triumphs Centre London Mythic Tarot Courses

About the Mythic Tarot

As well as the rich symbolism expressed through stories of Greek myths, which contain a pure psychological mine field, the myths have been given a modern in-depth psychological interpretation.

Most of the Major Arcana have been assigned to one of the Greek gods. The Court Cards depict the Demigods and heroes.

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One Day Intensive Mythic Tarot Course (Private Tuition)

Free CD (Two Day Beginner's Course RRP £39) to support your study included.. Light refreshments provided.

A whole day Beginner course tailored to suit your needs. Cost £179

Email us to book your day.

Mystic Tarot Home Course CD

Home Study Tarot Course on CD

Beginner Mythic Tarot Course - complete 2 day home study course by Carole Szerman

Two Day Mythic Tarot Course

First weekend of every month

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Courses are held in Little Venice, London

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mythic tarot book

Learn a psychological approach to the Mythic Tarot

Would you like to:

  • Control who you attract into your life?
  • Attract more equality into your relationships?
  • Hold more control over your relationship choices?

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birth chart

Psychological Astrology

Psychological astrology is the integration of archetypal psychology with traditional astrology. It requires us to actively engage with our horoscope, to create a dialogue with our inner nature, we are required to co-operate with the heroic task of confronting and integrating our shadow side.

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  • "Thanks for the exceptional beginners tarot course this last weekend. I believe as you say that the approach based on using mythic archetypes is potent and revolutionary. Thanks again!" Lisa, Banker
  • "Just wanted to say thanks for a very interesting couple of days. It certainly opened my eyes to the complexity of the Mythic Tarot but demonstrated how it is so rooted in reality." Jayne, Director of Human Resources
  • "I found the Beginners course packed with information. I loved the integration of psychological insight with spiritual connection. When the weekend was over, I left feeling courageous, happy and at one with the world." Carolyn Howlett, opera singer and arts administrator
  • "Thanks again for such an enlightening and inspirational course. We all travelled home together after leaving on Sunday and everyone was in total agreement that it had been a really fantastic experience - so thank you" Emma, Online Media Co-ordinator
  • "The Mythic Triumphs course was an extremely profound course for me. I gained a solid, well-informed and practical grasp of the tarot and came away well equipped with a clear direction with which to support my own individual inquiry." Jinji Professional Dancer

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